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Art Classes and Creative Sessions

"Creativity and enjoyment are at the very heart of B Creative. I spend time to understand the specific needs of a group of artists I will be working with and I will always endeavour to create a nurturing and calm working environment.


My art sessions promote important life skills; engaging with the activity and others, perseverance and a sense of achievement."  - Belinda Poon

Children's Art Classes

An established after school club that has been running since 2013 for primary and secondary aged children.  The art studio where the children work has ample room to work with accessible resources with an attached room with a sink. 

What do the children do during the sessions?

Children explore their creative talent through a variety of art and craft activities with opportunities to develop their own style and ideas.  

We often start with a theme which is then developed over the weeks, sometimes making reference to the work of artists.  The children use a wide variety of resources including water colour, acrylic paints, inks and charcoal as well as learning techniques of collage, print making and clay work. 

In the past we have made fabric birds using silk painting, Mod rock plant sculptures and created jungle scenes. Part of the session each week is dedicated to drawing skills in a fun way. 

As often as possible B Creative involves the children with local community events and exhibitions.  This includes joining in local council incentive workshops and visiting Lakeside Arts in Nottingham to participate in workshops linked to a theatre or dance performance.  The children’s work has also been exhibited as part of the Lady Bay Arts Trail weekend.

The Arts Award

All children will have the opportunity to work towards the Discover or Explore Arts award.  Belinda is a qualified advisor and can guide the children through this creative award.  Friends and family are invited to share their artwork in an exhibition. Click here for more information about the Art Awards.

Friends and family are invited to view their artwork in an exhibition curated by the young artists

The creative process is recorded in their sketch books, the children enjoy making comments about the skills they have learnt and their finished piece. Photographs are taken during the session and the children add these to their sketchbooks. 

When do the sessions run?


4.00 pm to 5.10 pm and 5.30 pm to 6.40 pm

How much does it cost?

The sessions cost £10. 

There will be an additional fee for the Sketchbooks of £8.00

Payments need to be paid for the half term by the 2nd session each half term. 

Please contact me if there are any further questions about the sessions.  We look forward to welcoming you to the group.


Children's Parties

These can be based at B Creative home studios or a venue of your choice.  

Once the number of children and the type of art activity preferred is established, a quote is provided which includes all materials and use of the studio space if chosen. 

Themed children’s birthday parties have included:

  • Making a 3D canvas based on fish and butterflies

  • Creating a bird in a tree image

  • A woodland in a box

  • Under the sea image 

What do the children do during the party?

The sessions always start with a warm up activity then the theme and outline plan is explained.  Demonstrations and reminders are given throughout the session. There is often a break with a drink and snack and an opportunity to share the art work so far.

The children always have a lovely piece of unique artwork to take home and a sense of creative belonging. 

Parties 4..jpg
Parties 1..jpg

Adult Art Sessions

B Creative offers  adult art classes in a variety of mediums, giving you the opportunity to explore your creative potential and express yourself in new and exciting ways. Our experienced art teacher will provide you with the guidance and support you need to master new techniques, experiment with different materials and make real progress in your artistic journey.

What is on offer?

This can vary from a one-off art activity for a club/organisation to sessions for a group wishing to get together on regular basis to try a new art or craft activity and have a catch up. 

Creative Therapy

Art, music and drama can be particularly helpful when there are things people cannot say in words. This could be because the emotions are too distressing, or it may be because someone has difficulties with communication.

B Creative provides Arts and Crafts sessions to groups in order to support a person’s therapy as a way of helping them deal with their issues; helping people’s self-awareness, confidence and self-esteem.

Taking part in an activity alone or with others can give people great pleasure and satisfaction.

What can we deliver during the sessions?

We can provide sessions in drawing, painting, printing, therapeutic clay work, mosaic making, paper collage and mixed media work.

Creative Therapy Session Examples:

Specialist Palliative Care Unit (Hayward House)

Working in Hayward House Hospice at Nottingham City Hospital was such a privilege. 

I was part of the team in the Day Therapy unit which has 22 places each day providing facilities and support for community patients and their families, as well as for inpatients. 

Careful planning was essential to create a programme of art and craft activities that catered for group and individual needs. 

For many of the patients, participating in art activities was a new experience for them.  They benefitted not just coming to make the art but also by experiencing art. The calm, welcoming environment helped the patients be absorbed in an activity surrounded by others and wonderful volunteers.  They were introduced to new materials, often creating gifts for family and friends. 

The creative space that the art sessions opened up for many of the patients and the relationships that developed in the groups, led to them ‘blossoming’ at the end of their lives and made huge shifts in their close relationships. 

FABS (Families Affected By Suicide)

FABS offer the opportunity for mutual support, understanding and friendship for adults who are closely involved in supporting children who have lost a parent or significant caregiver to suicide.


I have provided opportunities for the group to come together in a calm and supportive environment to create art together. 


The group created a table decoration to remember their family member at Christmas time and also participated in a workshop creating Butterflies which contributed to a large installation as part of a Rushcliffe Borough Council community arts installation.  

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