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What is the Arts Award?

Trinity College London is an international exam board and charity that provides assessments around the world. 

“With over 850,000 candidates a year in more than 60 countries worldwide, Trinity qualifications are specifically designed to help students progress. Our aim is to inspire teachers and learners through the creation of assessments that are enjoyable to prepare for, rewarding to teach and that develop the skills needed in real life.”

One of the many awards it offers is the Arts Award.  It gives young people up to the age of 25 from all cultures an amazing journey exploring the arts world.  It helps them discover their potential as artists, developing leadership skills with the opportunity to gain a recognised qualification.


Arts Award can be achieved at five levels: Discover, Explore, Bronze, Silver and Gold.  These flexible awards give candidates the opportunity to perform to their strengths and interests. They can be achieved in any art form; music, drama, combined arts and English language.  

By finding ways to connect with the arts world, it encourages young people to experience arts through visits to theatres, art galleries and events.  They can also learn from creative professionals and discover the work of artists and organisations.

All levels of the Arts Award nurture and develop a young people’s confidence, communication skills and creativity. They gain a wide range of transferable skills by completing the awards with each level offering new challenges. It encourages young people to be independent, creative thinkers being able to problem solve and be reflective.

The award encourages children and young people to enjoy creating and participating in arts activities to produce their own artwork.  At the end of the ‘Explore’ award, the children have the opportunity to plan and curate their own exhibition of work for friends and family to visit. 

Arts Award Centres (B Creative)

A wide range of organisations can register as an Arts Award Centre. The centre then serves to support the delivery of the Arts Award and oversees the work of the advisers. The flexibility of the Arts Award means it can happen during lesson time at school, through regular extra- curricular clubs or even one-off projects and activities. 

Arts Adviser Role (Belinda Poon)

An Arts Adviser is trained to support young people by providing guidance and assessing their work.  Young people collect evidence of their progress via an arts log or portfolio, the arts award adviser then has the task of assessing their work. Next, a registered Arts Award Moderator will check against the advisers marking criteria and confirms if the assessment is correct. The young artist is then awarded the selected qualification and certificate from Trinity Arts.


The Arts Award works with a variety of organisations and national bodies to enhance a young persons access to the Arts Award.  In Nottingham there are many organisations that support the Arts Award, offering young people the opportunity to take part in special events, workshops or be given access to behind the scenes for a performance. 

For More Information...

Click here to visit the Arts Award website 

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