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Community Based Art Activities

In addition to our regular art classes, on-site arts & crafts session and children parties, B Creative also works within local area to deliver:

  • Community Art Projects

  • Art & Craft Workshops for Community Events

  • Support for Schools 

Please get in contact for more information and to discuss your needs/wishes.


Below is a selection of some of the past projects we have delivered...

Community Art Projects - Outreach and Installations

Rushcliffe Arena Celebration of Sport

Organised through Rushcliffe Learning Alliance in conjunction with RBC. The aim was to provide the opportunity for children with an interest and talent in art to work with an artist in order to create installations which celebrate Nottingham as England’s Home of Sport. It was to be the 1st art display  in the newly refurbished Rushcliffe Arena.  


A group of 15 Primary schools chose children from their ‘Enrichment and Challenge Group’ to take part. The art sessions were aimed at 3 different age groups; Year 2, Year 3/4 and Year 5/6 using a combination of printing, wire sculpting and collage.  


The Year 2 children focussed on photographs of patterns and images around their local parks including Rushcliffe Country Park, West Bridgford Park, Gamston Park and Holme Pierrepont Country Park.   They created their own block print and printed their design onto a stencilled background.  They also made colourful foam prints from images.  Finally the children made paper collage interpretations of the different play parks. 


Year 3/4 were given the challenge to create wire sculptures depicting various sporting poses.   The children built up the layers using wire and foil; finally they chose a colourful printed layer.   They also designed the sport equipment their figure required. 


The Year 5/6 children created a collage representation of one of the iconic buildings or areas associated with sport in Rushcliffe.  These included Trent Bridge cricket ground, Holme Pierrepont water sports centre, the rowing clubs along the river, Rushcliffe Country Park, East Leake Park and Nottingham Forest football ground.  

The children chose a photograph, sketched the outline shapes, traced these shapes onto a piece of vinyl using a permanent pen then built up the image using paper samples.   Finally some of the lines the children drew on the vinyl were enhanced with coloured stitching.


Belinda Poon (Artist)

‘The children worked with great enthusiasm and passion.  The amount of talent we have in Rushcliffe is amazing and their wonderful work can be celebrated in this fantastic space’

WWI Remembrance Exhibition

Thousands of handmade remembrance poppies are on display in a huge art exhibition to commemorate each of the 504 residents from Rushcliffe towns and villages who were lost in World War One.

The cascade of flowers made by schools, community groups and individuals from the Borough now adorns the atrium staircase at Rushcliffe Arena in West Bridgford viewed by hundreds of people passing by into its leisure centre each day.

Rushcliffe Borough Council made the appeal to residents and community groups to donate the poppies that are made from wool, felt, paper, card and clay.

The installation was inspired by the Tower of London’s famous ‘Blood Swept Sands and Seas of Red’ installation and will now be in place until November 16 in conjunction with an adjacent roll of honour featuring the names of the 504 who died.

Rushcliffe Mayor Cllr Mrs Maureen Stockwood visited the display with pupils from local schools who helped create the poppies. “This display is a very thoughtful and creative tribute to the Rushcliffe residents that perished during The Great War and whose lives were tragically lost. We would like to thank all of the school children, residents and local groups that sent their poppies to feature in the display, as without them, we could not commemorate the fallen in this way.”

Local schools and groups that contributed included Radcliffe-on-Trent Junior School, where every pupil made a poppy, Jesse Gray Primary School, Rushcliffe School, St Edmund Campion Voluntary Academy, B Creative after school club and Second Lady Bay Brownies.

Local artist Belinda Poon from West Bridgford, who created the exhibition said: “The amount of poppies we have received is astounding, with so many imaginative local residents of all ages sending creations in a wide variety of materials and sizes. It's amazed me how many different poppy designs have been created. Due to the huge variety we were able to create display boards to share the drawings, poetry and models made by the community.


Many people understand the impact that the War had on our country. Having the opportunity to create a handmade poppy for a display here at the arena has given people in the Borough a huge sense of community spirit. The display really does highlight our local talent who have made a fitting tribute to the residents we lost in World War One. Thanks too to the Borough Council for promoting arts and encouraging creativity."

For more information about the project and on Commemorative community events across Rushcliffe visit 


Butterfly Art Installation to Commemorate Impact of COVID-19 

A colourful art installation featuring dozens of hand-crafted paper butterflies made by local Rushcliffe people has been unveiled at Rushcliffe Arena in West Bridgford as part of an exhibition to commemorate the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic. 


The installation has been organised by Rushcliffe Borough Council, working in partnership with Lady Bay artist Belinda Poon, who has worked with local groups creating the bespoke artwork, now prominently displayed in the building’s atrium.


The butterflies were thoughtfully at a series of community workshops, with contributions from Jesse Gray Primary School in West Bridgford, after school art club BCreative, Metropolitan Thames Valley resident groups and FABS, a self-help group who provide support to families affected by suicide.


The butterfly motif used in the installation has been chosen as a symbol of change, renewal and endurance through the COVID-19 pandemic and will be on display until Friday April 1.


Rushcliffe Borough Council’s Portfolio Holder for Communities and Climate Change Cllr Abby Brennan said: “Throughout the workshops participants have reflected on their personal experiences of the pandemic, recognising not only the hardship of loss and isolation in difficult times, but also sharing inspiring stories of selfless giving and compassion from across the Borough. 


“Now we have this wonderful display from local people for local people we hope that our installation of butterflies will brighten people’s day and give a chance to reflect on the last two years as they visit Rushcliffe Arena.” 


Belinda added: “It has been such a pleasure to work with the community groups to create this thought-provoking artwork installation. The workshops enabled each participant to be creative in a social setting, sparking positive reflection and a sense of sharing. 


“I am thrilled with the butterfly designs, although there are similarities, each one produced is individual just like their creator.”


The installation is part of a number of COVID-19 commemorative projects planned by the Council which also includes the creation of a memorial garden in Bridgford Park and support for commemorations in parishes such as memorial benches and planting schemes. 

Arts & Craft Workshops for Events

Lark in the Park

Established in 1988, Lark in the Park is one of Nottinghamshire’s biggest free event for children and families.  

In 2016 we were invited to run an art and craft workshop. Over 150 children visited the sessions creating colourful wicker and tissue fish models and decorative fish made from clay and sequins.

The Lady Bay Arts Trail

B Creative acted as the Children’s Art Co-ordinator for the Lady Bay Arts Trail from 2016 to 2019.


We delivered art workshops at Lady Bay School prior to the event to generate children's work to exhibit during the festival. This initiative formed part of the Arts Trail’s commitment to engage children in opportunities to develop their creativity and confidence in making art.


Each  year the workshops were based around a different theme. The artwork produced was exhibited in the school hall and formed the basis for the workshops generated for the arts weekend. 


In 2019, children in Foundation and Year 1 produced colourful under the sea creations whilst the Year 3 and 4 children made water themed textured clay discs which was displayed following the pattern of the river Trent as it passes through Lady Bay.

The Year 5 and 6 children worked in pairs using mixed media to produce amazing pieces of artwork including an image of our Lady Bay Heron, a river pollution statement and a beautiful bubble image using watercolours.

I also worked with the Wishing Well Nursery and Lady Bay Brownie pack to create some decorated fish to hang from the tree and bunting to decorate the children’s venue. 

Children who attended my B Creative art classes also made art contributions to be part of the weekend’s celebrations. 

During the Arts Trail weekend we delivered a programme of art workshops involving a variety of different artist and craft makers. Children’s workshops have included needle felting, marbling with natural materials, making a communal mosaic, clay work and other ‘water’ themed activities.

Lady Bay Arts Trail 2023

This year our home became part of the special Art Trail.  4 Artists were selected to exhibit their work;

        Sarah Reed - Faithful& Wild Pet Portraits           Helen Shere - Jeweller                                   Anna Binns - Ceramicist                         Graham Brooks - Sculptor 

The weekend was a huge success with music entertainment all day in the garden from local musicians and choirs​.

Art Workshops

Belinda from BCreative planned, resourced and delivered 4 workshops during the weekend to both children and adults.

Young people and adults were invited to participate in a colourful ‘Botanical Image’ workshop at the B Creative art studio/home.

The session started in the garden exploring plants and flower shapes followed by an interactive group activity to learn various art techniques.  Over the weekend these pieces were added to by the different participants and displayed for each new group to enjoy. The artists also produced their own botanical image using watercolour techniques, crayons and oil pastels.

Working with Schools


Lady Bay School INSET art session

I facilitated a relaxed and fun art session at the beginning of the Autumn term for the staff at Lady Bay Primary School.  This included warm up activities, observational drawings, pattern and design. 

Supporting Schools with Art Workshops and Displays

I created whole class art workshops linked to the term’s topic.  The Year 5 children made mono prints, designed coats of arms and stained glass window images as well as colourful pattern designs based on the English Civil War. 


60 Foundation children accessed a carousel of workshops to create flowers and birds for a colourful garden display.  The activities included inks, pastels and paper collage techniques. I mounted, labelled and displayed the work for the school.

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